Happy Gotcha Day, Mila Mae!


My dear sweet baby Mila Mae,

On this morning, one year ago, I woke, not yet knowing my sweet baby girl. The anticipation was high, for I would meet my child today. Your dad and I, along with the other adopting families, had just sat down for breakfast at the guest house, when we looked up to see a large group arriving. It was your foster family. One by one little children came walking into the room. At first I thought you weren’t there, because I’d scoured every little face, and none of them were yours. My heart sunk at the thought of having to wait another day to meet you. And then, at last, there you were. With tiny puffs in your hair, and an unsure look on your face, we laid eyes on you, our precious baby, for the very first time. This day had been a long time coming. I was a mommy, your mommy, at last, and Dad was your Daddy. On July 17th, 2011, the Taylor two, became three.

You were a bit timid that day. Of course you were. I can’t imagine what was going through your little mind. Daddy and I introduced ourselves, embraced you, and sat you down for our first meal together. It was the best day! You did not cry, you actually laughed and played with your oh-so-smitten Daddy.

We spent today, one year ago, easing into our new lives. And one thing was clear to your dad and I, right away. You were something very, very special. You were worth the wait.

Days and weeks passed, and we had some wonderful times, and also some bumps in the road, as we learned each other more. You grieved the loss of your foster family, for that was all that you knew. They loved you very much, and I know it was hard to see them go. They knew that giving you a forever family was what was best for you. But how hard that must have been to understand at such a young age. You and I bonded, you allowed me to love you, to rock you to sleep, and sing improvisational lullabies in your ear. (Remind me to tell you about my made-up lullabies someday. They were quite comical.) We became fast friends. You made me cry, and we cried together many times. You made me laugh…a lot, and I realized you’re as goofy as I am, maybe more. I loved you beyond words, and you began to love and trust me in return. I was learning to be a Mommy, and you, you were learning to be my baby. The three of us flew home after 5 long weeks in Congo and were welcomed by lots of loving family and friends. Smiles and embraces were a-plenty. It was another good day!

Photo by : Allison Lewis Photography


Mila, your smile is radiant, your laugh, infectious, your beauty, striking, both inside and out. Your dance, hilarious, your mind, so sharp, and your sense of direction, unparalleled. You have a personality as big as the sun, and equally as beautiful and bright. You keep every day of our lives interesting, and you bring us so much joy.

I cannot believe an entire year has passed. Our great God has poured out so much mercy, so much love on this family, that we do not deserve. This year, He has overwhelmed us with His grace as He’s healed wounds, and formed bonds that we never imagined He could so quickly. He has filled us all up when were empty, and given us so much love to give to you guys. Mila, our God is an awesome God. How cool it is to think that He’s always known you, and knew you would be our child…before the beginning of time. He is always trustworthy, and will continue to guide each of us through every trial, through every joy, every step of the way. Your Daddy and I sit around thinking of what He is going to to with your little life…and we smile. We believe He has great things planned for you little girl! We pray constantly that He will continue to pursue your heart, and that you will one day come to know your Father in Heaven as we have, and grow deeply in your love for Him. We ask that you give us grace, as your dad and I fail miserably at times in this whole parenting thing, but please know, that our greatest desire as your parents, is to constantly point you to Christ. To show you that He is better than anything. Any possession, any family He gives us, any-thing that this world has to offer. We praise Him, for great things He has done!

We love you sweetheart, and look forward to spending the rest of our lives loving you more, and more.










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  1. I don’t know how you got through that without crying (maybe you didn’t), I definitely did not! Love that sweet mila mae.

    • Don’t worry Whit, you were not alone. I boo-hoo’d. Dylan came in the room, asked if I was okay, and then told me I looked like someone had given me a shiner. (Mascara… all over my face 🙂 )

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  3. What a poignant reflection on the innumerable blessings of a single year! (All of them are cute, but the towel pictures at the end are my favorite — adorable!)

  4. So nice to bump into you this afternoon at Gymboree. God is pretty cool like that – I needed to chat with another mom that’s been ‘there’.

    Katie Bruno

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