No letter today :(


So the waiting game continues. We did not get that exit letter we were expecting today, but continue to be hopeful that we will, in time for me to keep my flight for Saturday evening. And be home by Sunday!!! Man, that sounds good. Please pray with us that the letter will be received tomorrow, and me and that bebe’ will be on the big bird this weekend. If on the off chance we don’t get to leave, that will be okay too. It will stink (I want to use the stronger word, but will spare any minors that may be reading), but there is a good reason for the delay, and our family rests in the Lord’s will for us.

It got really hard yesterday when Skyping with Mila. She said, “Mommy…Hug”. Oh my gracious. The tears started flowing. I wanted to come right through that computer and grab that little booger up and not let go. But I will…soon. That little girl is something special. I know all children are…when they are yours. But I just can’t help but praise God for the wonderful things He has done in the creation of our family. Man, am I blessed. It is not the way I had it all planned out in my head, years ago, but I am so thankful it’s not. It’s better. So when I’m fussin’ and ready to go home tomorrow, I have to remember that my timing is not always God’s timing, and His is always best. Better than we will ever fully understand.

Thank you all for your love, prayer and support throughout this process. We cannot wait to be home, get this coughy/gaggy little guy to the doctor (pretty sure he’s got some reflux going on), and proceed with life thereafter.

Oh, and one more prayer request…our real estate agent showed the house again today and we need a buyer!! Pray they LOVE it, cannot live without it, and make an offer. 🙂 That would be almost as exciting as getting me and Junior home. Almost.


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  1. Meme T and Papa D stand in agreement with you for the exit letter to come quickly for you and Hudson to go home safely and soon. And for the buyers to show up who fall n love with your beautiful home and with the approval and funds to purchase it ASAP. Also for Lil Man to be healed completely. We love you!

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