Happily Home


Tuesday of last week, a mad rush to get out of Congo began. The morning started just like every other one since I’d been there. Well, except for the dual lice treatments and added fun of stripping down every piece of linen in close proximity to Hudson and me. Yes, there was a lice infestation in our group of adoptees, and we were not taking any chances on carrying these little critters home with us. Not sure if the two of us had it or not because I never saw a bug, and I am bad to get sympathy pain, itching, nausea, etc. if someone around me is complaining of an ailment. Either way, I know we’re lice free now, and that’s what counts. 🙂

Even though Hudson and I had a flight scheduled to leave that evening, we were just taking the day slow, knowing that we’d likely have to postpone it yet again. I’d gotten news that morning that the exit letter had not been issued, and there was yet to be a sign of the person who had to approve it in the immigration office. I Skyped with Dylan around 1:30pm, and let him know the unfortunate, but expected news that we would not be coming home today. I let him know that I planned on changing the flight to Friday just to be safe. We said our goodbyes, and Hudson and I went downstairs to see what the others in the group were up to.

When I walked in their door, our translator was in there on the phone. He hung up and said….”Your letter has been issued!”.  In total disbelief, I cried tears of joy and realized that I had little time to get everything done that had to be done to fly out in a number of hours. I ran (literally) upstairs to my room, threw everything, randomly into my checked bags, made a quick Skype call to the hubs to relay the incredible news, and jumped in the carbon monoxide filled cab to confirm my flight, and check my bags. You can’t just hop on the internet in DR Congo to confirm a flight, and you actually check your bags at a totally separate location than the airport. Interesting. I can’t really describe just how close we were to us not making it out of there on Tuesday, but I’ll just say, it was ridiculously close. The airline check-in closed 15 min after I got there, and I was 30 min late to the airport. Traffic was at a standstill. Everything seemed to be getting in the way of us getting home. But it all worked out. Our flight was actually delayed due to some bad weather, which was exactly what needed to happen.  I boarded the plane and exhaled, a humongous sigh of relief. We were going home.

Our flight went well.  Economy actually treated us right this time. It was no business class, with 5 course meals and hot towels for our face, but we managed. 🙂 Hudson did incredibly well and did not fuss until the last leg (the 2 hour flight from Chicago to B’ham). I was pretty cranky by this point too, so I don’t blame him. But we got off that tiny United Express flight, and were greeted by the two faces that I’d been longing to see for weeks now. It was Daddy and Mila. The entourage of spectators were not there this time, and that was fine. I was so glad to see my little family, all together for the first time. We loved, and made introductions, and my precious and talented friend, Allison, was there to document it all. Then, we went downstairs where the rest of our family and friends who came to welcome us home, waited. Click here to check out some pics and a sweet story to go with it.

My bags didn’t quite make it home, but I cared not. I was home, Hudson was home, and that was all that mattered.

We made it the house, after a quick stop at Publix for one more lice treatment (just to be sure). I got home stripped down in the garage, de-loused myself, and shaved my poor infant son’s head. It was slightly traumatic for all involved, but we made it through. And we’re kinda liking his new ‘do.

So we’re home, we’re all together again, and life is good. Mila is doing great and is crazy about her new brother. Daddy is happy to be able to get back to working regularly, and Mommy is loving juggling her new job responsibilities. It is NOT easy, but worth every minute of it. I’m finding my new normal. It means zero “me time”, but isn’t that what this is all about? Giving more of yourself than you even knew you had to give, and then giving a little more. That is parenthood in a nutshell…how it is meant to be anyway. There is no way to explain my sanity right now aside from God’s grace. I am totally sleep deprived, can’t believe I haven’t blown a gasket at one of the kids, and my house, well, it is far from “show-ready” 99% of the time (which is not good when it’s on the market). Oh well, I’m a work-in-progress as always. Going to try to grab a little shut-eye while the two babes are napping. More…soon.


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  1. Hudson is also a beautiful child- just like his sister! I like his “do”! What 2precious blessings! Rest whenever you get a chance! Love. Your family

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