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Coming soon, Son!


After months of ups and downs, sickness and health, Hudson was able to go to the same doctor that treated me when I was there, and in a bad way. Not the slicer-and-dicer man, but the kind, English-speaking, Indian doctor who was my safe haven after being treated quite roughly by the Conogolese docs and nurses at the first hospital. That being said, I did heal, and everything ended up fine, but I’m glad Dr. Sharrieff was able to lay eyes on him and run some tests.

Even though baby Hudson was well by the time he was able to see my fave DRC doctor, we went ahead and had some labwork drawn to see if we could get some answers as to why he has continued to get sick over and over. Everything came back normal, except for some slight anemia, which is expected with malnutrition. We were overjoyed! He apparently never had malaria, and has tested negative for many other chronic illnesses. We had been concerned about his vision because one of his eyelids droops down a bit, but the doctor feels his vision is normal at this point. Hallelujah!

Things are looking up! I will leave one week from today and get to put this little bundle in my arms for the first time. Leaving him again just a few short days later, will be torture. But I will leave him knowing that very soon, he will be ours forever and he’ll be home with his family.

Our kind friends, the Rutland’s, who we met in Congo while adopting Mila, were there for a second time, following almost the exact same path as us. They adopted a toddler last fall, and were there completing the adoption of their second Congolese child, just this month! Kim Rutland and her friend Darcy, became our fast friends, and we wish they would just come on down to Alabama and stay a while. 🙂 That probably won’t be happening, but across many miles, I have to put out a huge THANK YOU and an enormous hug to them for taking the time to get my baby to the best doctor in Congo, when I couldn’t. This is the video she sent me. Notice the Mommy-inflicted bandages on his hands from the lab draws. 😦 Sorry Buddy, I know it hurt, but it was what was best.

You’ll hear another baby chatting in the background, but don’t miss Hudson’s little coo towards the end… AND his grin, WITH dimples!!! OMGness, I can’t wait to get my hands on him.




The countdown is on. I am one week, and 6 days away from meeting my son. Gosh that sounds good! I got butterflies for the first time 2 nights ago when I was packing and weighing my bags. Yes, I could actually leave tomorrow if need be. I feel overly prepared this time. It’s kinda weird.

Life has been super busy, but everything is falling into place. I know what I’m getting into, except this whole taking care of an infant thing. But overall, I feel really at peace and am kinda missing Congo right now. The sounds, the smells, the people everywhere. The sweaty cab rides, the bad food, but most of the all, the one on one time with my child I’ve been longing to meet.

The first day with Mila was like a dream. Not the fairytale kind with castles and pink ponies, but it was that surreal. I had been waiting so long to see her face and hold her tight. I felt so inadequate though, so unsure of myself. But as the days passed and we made it through nights of explosive diarrhea from food hoarding, and hour long tantrums as she grieved the loss of all she had known, we settled in, and began learning each other. Those difficult times made our relationship grow, bonding more and more each day. Mila was always a sweet girl, very loving, but so emotionally guarded at first. I don’t even know that little girl anymore. She now knows who Mommy and Daddy are, and all her family and friends. She knows she is well loved and gives much love in return. She is super confident, a motor mouth, and smart as she can be. It is amazing the healing that has taken place in this little life in just 8 short months.

We know that the Lord will heal “Brother’s” little heart as well, and we long to begin that journey. We know there will continue to be issues that both of their previous lives and hurts, will cause. We are not so foolish as to think that they will ever be void of these scars. Scars do not go away. But I know in my life, they are reminders of where I’ve been, and what I was brought out of, and who delivered me from those painful places and made me new. We are fully aware that our children will have questions, hurt, and tears someday regarding how they ended up in this family, on the other side of the globe. But we know that healing will continue to take place. The Lord is our Great Comforter, the Provider of all of our needs, and He has perfectly placed these kids in our home. He has chosen these 2 for us, and He will not abandon us in our journey. He will always be our strength, our Father, our King.

Baby Hudson, I know you will learn to love me like your sister did. I know that the Lord knew you before you were created, and picked you, out of all the kids in whole wide world, to join our family. He chose me…Me!… to be your Mommy, and I hope, and I pray that with God as my strength, I am the kind of mother to you that honors our Lord Jesus Christ. I love you buddy. I cannot wait to kiss your face, to touch your hair, to hold your tiny body in my arms so tight. To love and care for you. To teach you and watch you grow. Mommy’s coming Love, the countdown is on.

Exciting Times!


I think this is a new record. It has been 9 days since my last post, and that one, was actually written a week before it was posted. THAT’s how crazy it has been around here…and this is why.


I will leave April 6th. Yikes, I know. It is rapidly approaching. So, we’re in crunch time once again. It is impossible to explain what all goes into these few short weeks of life, unless you’ve been there. Let’s just say, mounds of paperwork printing and organizing, scheduling flights, getting a visa, filling out form after form, and checking, rechecking and rechecking them again, and again. Lots of rechecking. This stuff is crucial to get right the first time. And all of this while trying to care for your family that is here, prepare for your departure from them for an unknown amount of time, still trying to get a nursery together, get clothes and baby items for the little guy, figure out how to pack and take care of an infant (which is totally new for me), and keep my sanity in the process. To add to the chaos, I had to take my laptop to the computer doctor this week to get a new keyboard because apparently a splash of water, and a pricey computer keyboard do not mix well. Who knew?? 🙂  And, who knew how reliant I was on having my own computer handy whenever I needed to correspond electronically. This is just a tiny bit of the stress of my life lately, but, it is all worth it, and this part at least, will all be over soon, Lord willing.

In the past few weeks we’ve also had another illness, and recovery for Hudson. The day we got our travel dates, we also got the message that he was sick again. 2 days later, thankfully he had recovered, and is well right now, as far as we know. I can’t wait to get him home to see a doctor here. I want this little guy feeling better.

On the Mila front, she is just a resilient as ever, going with the flow and such. Unfortunately, Mommy has been present in body, but “checked out” in mind, due to the overwhelming amount of other things going on. I am attributing some of her recent problems with disobedience, testing boundaries and direct defiance to that. We’re praying the terrible 2’s did not just hit a little late. But she is human, and it’s in her nature to rebel, so Mommy and Daddy are trying to be swift to correct, and immediate to love her afterwards. She’s a smart cookie, and hard to discipline at times due to her oozing cuteness. She continues to melt our hearts everyday, and keep us worshipping the Lord for the great gifts He has given us.

Mila and I had a conversation the other night about me going to get Brother in Congo, just like I came to get her last year. It was a special moment. We were sitting at Daddy’s desk, looking onto his computer screensaver at a picture of the two of us the very first day we met.

I told her, Mommy is going to go to Congo to get Brother, and I will have to leave her for a little while, but I’ll be back. I told her I would bring Brother home with me in the end. Her responses included, “Ready, Ready.” (she’s ready for him to come home.)  “Brother bed” (which means she wants him to sleep in his room). “Hold you” (she wants to hold him). “Baby bottle” (she wants to feed him). and “Brother Congo” (which is a common phrase in her vocabulary that simply means he is in DRC). So I am loving this precious moment we are experiencing. I think we are totally vibing. Shortly after this great connection we were having though, the conversation ended, when I asked Mila, “Do you understand?”. Her sweet response , “Mole.” pointing at the mole on my neck. Yeah, kinda  lost her there. She has always been very intrigued by my moles, ever since the beginning. Before she could say the word mole, she would point at them  like they were scary to her. I think she thought I had bugs on me or something.

Anyway, there’s never a dull moment around here. We can’t wait to continue to share our adventures in adoption #2. While I am there, I should have more time to post, so the updates should be coming more regularly. The plan is for me to travel April 6 and stay for a couple of days to attend our embassy date, and return home. Then I’ll return to Congo about a week or so later for the remainder of the trip. We hope to have him home the first week in May.

A little bit of news feels like a lot.


(I wrote this post a week ago today, and then life got in the way, and I never posted this. So…imagine it’s Thursday of last week, and I’m not neglecting writing this all down. 🙂 )

We finally got some news on our little guy! I couldn’t wait any longer, so today, I emailed his foster father directly using Google Translate. And I got an answer! He is home and healthy. I feel like I had kinda been holding my breath for the past 5 days since we got the news on Sunday that they were taking him back to the hospital. I don’t know if he was ever admitted, or if he even saw a doctor. I have no idea of a diagnosis. All I know is that he is now home and healthy, and I’ll take it. It’s good news!

Things around here have been difficult the past week, wondering and waiting. But we have had some great time as a family to reflect on how the Lord has used the difficulties in our pasts to bring us to where we are. Dylan reminded me that the events in our lives, good and bad, have uniquely prepared each of us for whatever lies ahead, tomorrow and down the road. That was so what I needed to hear. I had a rough day or two this past week, where I was not seeing the forest for the trees. And I am so thankful for a husband who God perfectly placed with me, to point me to Christ when I’m feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders.

More good news! Our adoption paperwork is moving right along. We are waiting on just a few more documents, and should be getting travel dates soon. I just got chills thinking about that. AAAaaaa! I’m gettin’ excited! Meanwhile, I am doing my adoption nesting, a.k.a lots of paperwork and organizing, and preparing to travel. His nursery is really coming together, and I cannot wait to get that completed.

Mila has been keeping things light around here, as usual. She’s just the busiest little thing, and has kept the laughter a-flowing.

She “took a nap” with her baby in the hall while I did some laundry.

She unloaded her clip in a pair of my leather boots.

And she made some pretty pics with her canine brother, “Jacky”. I have to say these are the two most photogenic people I know.

Mila loves her “Jacky”.


So much has happened since I wrote this. I feel like things are moving at the speed of light the past few weeks, so I will try to catch up more soon.  Happy Thursday!!