What a Difference a Year Makes


This time last year…

We were waiting for Mila. Our preparations had begun long before July of 2011, but the gestation period was coming to an end. The anticipation was high, especially when we received this video. How things have changed! When we saw this we actually thought Mila was going to be shy. Man were we wrong.

It was just the two of us. Living in a 4 bedroom house. Ready to fill it up with some kiddos.

I’d turned in my notice to quit my full-time nursing gig, and become a full-time mommy.

Our plane tickets were purchased, 101 things to take to Congo were being packed, and I had very important adoption paperwork coming out of my ears.

This time this year…

We are rolling 4 deep in the Taylor house.

WE HAVE A CONTRACT ON OUR HOUSE!! We have no idea where we are going to live in couple of weeks, 🙂 but we are blessed to have the opportunity to be hunting.

Hudson got his first 2 teeth in the past week or so. He is rolling over, and trying to sit up. He’s not quite there yet, but it won’t be long.

He is growing like a weed, and blowing through clothes sizes. He has many new sounds and some hilarious faces. The whole “blowing raspberries” thing, has turned into a full-on spit fest. I’m soaked, he’s soaked, and so is everything around us.
And…he screams. At the top of his lungs, sometimes until he coughs or chokes. And he does it, A LOT! Not because he is upset, but just to hear himself talk. And there is no stopping him once he gets going. While I think it’s cute (most of the time), it’s not my fave Hudson trait while we’re in public places. Let me tell you, I get some looks.




And Mila…well, she’s still Mila.

She continues to steal the show, keeps us laughing every day, and always amazes us with her ridiculous intelligence and sense of direction. Adjusting to big sisterhood, has had it’s ups and downs though. She is slowly learning that whining each time you don’t get your way, doesn’t fly in the Taylor house. This was a brand new thing she started when Hudson came home. We’ve definitely made improvements in this area, but it’s hard for her to get why “Brother” gets positive attention when he fusses, and she does not. Being a big sis can be super confusing at times.

As for Dylan and I, we are in a mad rush to find somewhere to move in a few short weeks, which is pretty much consuming any down time we’ve had lately. Life is moving at the speed of sound, and we’re just trying to hang on for the ride.


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