Inching Closer to Home


It’s Wednesday, Day 12.

Today was a good day. Long as all get out, but good. We were hoping to hear some good news on our exit letter, but we heard nothing. Though this been a super quick trip, as Congo adoptions with our group go, so I’m not complaining about that whatsoever, but the waiting game is always a killer. You just never know when it’ll be time to go. Nothing is a set time, a set fee, everything seems negotiable. I was told I “should” have my exit letter tomorrow. We’ll see. If so, I’m bookin’ the next flight outta here!

Not that I don’t love Congo and all, because I do. It is the birthplace of both of my kids. I will miss some things here, and I am loving the time I have to be alone with my baby boy. But… I’m ready to get back to my baby girl, my baby daddy, and just the comforts of home. Just a few of the other things that I miss right now, most of us take for granted, like good, hard water, that helps you to actually feel clean after a shower, and (bonus!) helps your hair not look like someone just dumped a bucket of mayonnaise on it. My dishwasher, though not the greatest in the world, cleans things for me. This washing bottles in the bathroom sink every night thing, is kinda getting old, quick. My bed. Mmmmmmm, my bed. And lastly, I miss giving just a little bit of attention to my appearance. Yes, I’ve let myself go a bit more since I’ve been staying at home with Mila. My hair is need of some serious highlights, and I’m sure Dylan would appreciate me using a little makeup now and then, or getting out of my robe before noon. But it’s hard to explain the degree to which you just don’t care what you look like here. I will try.

When you actually do leave the place you are staying, you are piled DEEP into a “taxi” (which is what we would consider an old run down hatchback that you’re lucky if you don’t breakdown in). There is no A/C in these cars, not one that we’ve ridden in has had it. So you get the sweaty + windblown look when you arrive at your destination, not to mention the smell of sweat mixed with the smoke of whatever trash substance is burning roadside. Lovely. I am currently wearing the same shirt I slept in last night, that I wore all day today, and will probably wear to bed again tonight, and possibly to breakfast tomorrow. No one seems to notice or care. I shower…maybe every other day, and when I do, it matters not. I still look the same way I did right before I got in. I may smell a teensy bit nicer, but hey, no one here’s getting too close. That is, except for the locals, who have no understanding of personal space. I mean, none. Most of them are way sweaty, and stinky too, so who cares? It just sweltering hot so it all mixes in together. Shoes or no shoes, you walk around with Walmart feet daily because the floors are ick from all the dust/dirt that just hangs in the air. I tell you all of this to explain the lovely photo below.

Once you have bathed, and actually knock a layer or two of dirt, sweat, and grime off of you, you don’t want to get your feet all nast’ again right away. My solution? Ankle socks with flip flops. That’s cool right? I rocked this look all evening yesterday. I’m sure the locals got a kick out of me. This is what I like to call “Letting yourself go–Congo style”.

It rained cats and dogs this morning which settles the dust, and cools things off a bit, but only for a little while, then the heat came back with a vengeance. And it was H.O.T. hot. We did nothing but sit around and wait to hear something.  I would spend these aimless hours blogging more, but I am consumed with all things baby right now. He’s on me like white on rice, 24/7. Mealtime, hangtime, bath time, even bedtime. We’re pretty inseparable. So, I’ve had to get creative to be able to function. I don’t have a swing, I don’t have a Bumbo, and I don’t have a bouncy seat, here. But what I do have, are these two arms, a Baby Bjorn, and a little bit of creativity. 🙂 And one pleasant go-with-the-flow kinda kid.

We hope to have some good news of our return by tomorrow, so I’ll try to keep things posted.  However, now I need to rest while he is resting. What’s up with this whole waking up every couple of hours thing? Don’t babies know how to sleep ? 😉 Sleep deprivation will rock your world. I feel like I’m normalizing now, but for a few days there, I’m not sure I was completing coherent sentences. So…I’m off to bed…for a little while at least. 🙂


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  1. Carrie, your humor is like no other. I admire your strength and perseverance…He is such an angel and I love the shirt about Daddy! I’m sending you lots of love and prayers. Love to you and the entire Taylor family! I can’t wait to read the updates when you two get to see sweet Mila Mae and Daddy again! I’ve had such a crappy week and this just gave me perma-smile! Love you!

  2. Carrie-
    Glad things are going well and you are staying positive and cheerful. I love your updates and look forward to receiving them. I am so happy for you and your family and will keep you in my prayers. I’ll be moving home to bham next week and am so excited to see you and your sweet family.


    • Thank you Karen. I need to check out your blog to see what’s up with you guys lately. Here, I am so limited on time and internet access, so it is kinda tough. Hope all is well w/ the adoptions and thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers.

  3. So glad everything is going well! Sounds like you and him are staying positive, keep it up! BTW – I think he is going to be a big boy – his fingers look so long & his hands look strong 🙂 He is too adorable, I want to pick him up out of this picture. Keep us updated as you have, it makes my day to read your posts! Sending really good & happy vibes your way! hugs & kisses

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