Days 5-7


On Wednesday, we moved to guest house that we stayed at when we adopted Mila. The other hotel was fine, but the staff did not speak any English which makes it difficult to ask for anything, and our internet connection was the pits. We were also divided up onto two floors, and the rooms were pretty small, with no common area for all the toddlers to play. This made it very difficult to keep them occupied day after day. We’ve been Skyping regularly with Daddy and Mila which is AWESOME! I think Mila is going to be the best big sister. Right now, she is crazy about this little guy. Hopefully that won’t change too much.

our first family photo 🙂

In route from the hotel to the guest house, I got news that Hudson’s visa was issued!! Due to his history of illnesses, and his current condition, his visa was able to be expedited. Isn’t it wonderful how the Lord uses things that hurt the most to bring us good things in the end?  It looks like it will not be a 5 week stay like last time.

Going back to the guest house was a welcomed change. Everyone in the group has stayed here before. We know the staff,  my room is great, the AC is cool, they speak-a En-glase, and the other kids seem to be enjoying all the room to roam. Hudson couldn’t care less, but he’s pretty easy to please at this point. Unfortunately, this is the place where I got the dreaded spider bite. And much to my dismay, I found and killed one spider soon after arriving, so I figured I should scope out the place before settling in. I pulled out my flashlight, and checked corners, as well as under the furniture and beds. I found 8 total, but hey, look on the bright side, it’s better than the 17 I killed the last time I was here. 🙂 I was also greeted by this little guy…just like my first night here last time. Kinda creepy, don’t you think?

So I hosed the room down with spider spray, and was able to slay 6 0f the 8, for sure. The 2 under the bed, may still be lurking there, but I’m at the point of just trying to forget they’re there, so I can sleep at night. I wrapped the mosquito net tightly around the bed, tucked it into the mattress, inspected every square inch of the covers to be sure there were no surprises there, and curled up for the night. Lord, please keep the spiders in their happy little homes, and out of my bed.

The morning comes way too soon when you are up every 2-3 hours during the night. Apparently the whole, getting the baby on any type of schedule thing, has not happened as of yet. He grazes when he is hungry and takes little cat naps. Momma’s got some work to do in this area. But, he needs to gain weight, he needs lots of iron, so I am trying to find the line between attempting to get him on a schedule, and just letting the kid eat when he will. Hopefully each day we can progress a little. He seems to be feeling much better. He ran a low grade temp for the past two days on and off, but today, he has been fever free. The cough is still hanging around, but I’m not too concerned about that yet. He does have pneumonia. Can you tell?

Our paperwork went to immigration yesterday and we hope to get that back in the next week. (???) That would be super quick, but why not hope and pray for the best, and see what happens. I went ahead and scheduled my departing flight for next Saturday, so  pray with us for a quick turn-around, and no hiccups in the process from here on out.

I would also like to ask for prayer for the other families that I am staying with. The 2 other mom’s who are staying with me for the duration, have 2 toddlers a piece. Both are dealing with more than I can tell you, or you could imagine. Adoption is just hard. Adopting a toddler is even harder. Adopting a toddler that does not speak your language…ridiculously hard. And add yet another newly adopted toddler to that scenario, and you’ve officially got your hands full. I cannot imagine having Mila x2 at that stage in our relationship. Those first two weeks are really rough as it is, but they’ve got 2 of them, and have the added issues of sibling rivalry, and fighting over Mommy’s attention. I am praying for the Lord fill them up, as they are completely emptied out daily, by their situations. Lord, use these difficulties to grow their relationships with these children, and to show these Momma’s more and more of Yourself everyday. Amen.


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  1. what a happy precious child …. Mila is so excited … she talks about ‘brother’ all the time …. we read stories in brother’s room in the rocking chair ….. we hope the paperwork will all be handled and you will be home next week …. please stay safe and kiss Hudson for us …. papa and leepy

    • Thanks Dad and LeeAnn for helping out so much while I’m gone. It gives me peace knowing that I have such wonderful family at home that I can count on. Looking forward to seeing you very soon and introducing you to the little bundle of love.

  2. Love the way God is expediting this for you guys. We are keeping up with the blog posts and praying for you all every day!

  3. You are an awesome Momma and witness to what God can and will do! We continue to pray for all of you and those with you! Love Meme T and Papa Danna

  4. I literally teared up when I saw his sweet smile! Sending love and prayers to the Taylor family and the other families that are with you! Big hugs!

  5. I am so ready for you to be home with Hudson and of course Dylan and Mila. We all miss you and are constantly praying for you and Hudson. We love you so much. Hudson is a precious child. Mila and I played Friday and I will get back down for a visit as soon as I can. I love you so…… Momma.

  6. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading the updates and seeing the precious pictures! I’m so happy for you! You are a special family, and the Lord has truly blessed you!

    • Thanks Robin, I’m glad you enjoy reading. And yes, the Lord has blessed us beyond anything we could have imagined. I’ll see you guys soon when we come in for our adoption clinic appt.

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