3 Reasons for Thanksgiving Today


(Delicious turkey compliments of Uncle Paul-he always does it up right)

Today will be our first Thanksgiving with our baby girl. I thought it would be appropriate to start this off with all of the gifts that our family is thankful for. Yes, we are thankful for good food, good friends and family, and good times, but above that we are thankful for the following:

1. Brokenness. Were it not for a God-ordained sequence of events just a few short years ago that brought both Dylan and I to a state of total brokenness, we would not be called children of God, we would not be parents to Mila, and we would likely be part of the growing divorce statistics. Thank you God for using the painful events that were the product of years of lives lived without surrender to Jesus, to bring us to the place that we were then. And, for continuing the work that you started in us that night to bring us to the place that we are now. Thank you.

2. An Unchanging God. Were He anything but unchanging, He would not be worthy of all of our trust, but He is. He will never leave or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). He does not change like shifting shadows (James 1:17). Unlike anyone on earth, He can be fully trusted, in all things. Thank you.

3. Provision. We had no idea going into this whole stay-at-home-Mommy thing, how the bills would get paid… but they have. We have had checks come in from overpaid medical bills, photography and house cleaning jobs to help makes ends meet, and just yesterday we found out we will be getting some money refunded that we were overcharged during our stay in Congo. It is truly amazing to watch. Throughout Mila’s adoption we had so many friends and family members give so sacrificially towards getting Mila home. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to everyone who gave, to everyone who prayed (it was felt more than you know), and to everyone who continues to cover our family in prayer. We are watching God do great things through this little girl and we can’t wait to see what He has in store next. And thank you to our newest gracious donor towards baby #2. We were so blessed to have this done for us once, with Mila, but to have it happen again is almost unheard of. We praise God for all of your generous hearts, and pray that He uses your gifts to bless you in ways you would not have imagined. Thank you.

And of course, we are so thankful for this precious gift.

Most of the time it feels like she’s always been here, but at other times it almost seems like a dream. That she is here, that she is who she is, that we are now parents, and that we have been given the responsibility to parent her. It is quite heavy. Don’t get me wrong, she is by no means, perfect all the time. But, she is one of the most pleasant, funny, smart and just overall happy little people I have ever been around. It’s pretty awesome. What a gift we have been given, but will all great gifts come great responsibility. Lord help us to parent her in the most God-honoring of ways. We love you Mila and we THANK God for you too, everyday.

As I finish this post, she’s just woken up, is sitting in my lap kissing my face and squeezing me tight with one of her unparalleled hugs, complete with a Squealy teeth-chattering shake, like she is shivering cold. Hard to explain, but it’s priceless.


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