Squealy Bird Siting



Life is getting hectic around here, but I had to post a few new pics for my Mila fiends out there who just need a little Squealy in their day. I am blessed with her sweet little self everyday, so I know I should share. From the moment she wakes up, she is rarin’ to go, and when she gets tired, she acutally gets more hyper. How does that work? Wish I could harness just a little bit of that energy.

Here’s a little bit of our family’s fun lately.

We had our first family photo session with our friend Allison.

And this was the aftermath of getting 3 people ready for family pictures. I’ve never really had a photo session before and the preparation was not easy. I think our guest bedroom paid the biggest price.

Mila is doing great with tooth brushing again. She regressed a little for a while, but after her very patient Daddy taught her that, she WILL brush her teeth like it or not, she has decided it can actually be fun again. I taught her to rinse like Mommy, well not exactly. She figured out her own method of getting down to the water.

(Reminds me of a dance move I’ve seen once or twice.)

She continues to love helping me wash dishes. She still calls it “brusha” though. I think she thinks all things water related are like brushing your teeth. This actually started off with her washing potatoes and digressed to playing with the dish scrubber.

Yes, that’s soap, in her mouth. I guess she just had to try it.

She is learning to eat her veggies through a little sneakiness from Mommy. You know she is a dipper, so I tried spinach dip and it was a hit. She also loves chili and Mimi’s cabbage beef soup. She will actually turn the bowl up and drink the juice. I think that was what happened with the dip here. Notice between the eyes and in the hair.

Saturday, we attended cousin Brody’s 4th birthday party. He had a Policeman party. You may remember him cuffing himself in this getup on Halloween. He’s a heart stealer. 

She and Daddy ate cake.

And she also got to meet her cousin India for the first time. They hit it off. There aren’t too many girls around in this family, so Mila was glad to meet her. They were really sweet.


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