Booooooo Cow



We are learning animal sounds at the Taylor house and Mila’s mispronunciation of the cow’s sound, was totally appropriate for our Halloween festivities. When asked what the cow says, Mila says, “Booooooooo!”.

We celebrated last night at the “B Taylor” house. And it went off without a hitch. For anyone who is not familiar with my dear in-laws and nephews, they are Britten and Brook, Braeden, Brody, Brooks and Breck. It’s easier to just say the “B Taylors”, or “Brrrr, Brrrr, Brrrrr, Brrrrr” as Mila says when she looks at their picture, which is often. :O) We trick-or-treated Aunt Brook, and then just hit one other house.

I don’t think Mila understood the concept quite yet. After snagging a piece of candy, she tried to go in and hang out with this unsuspecting family.

When we got back to the house, the cops showed up! They were really nice though, and super cute, so we talked them into letting the party continue.

Officer Brody ended up cuffing himself, which required a bit of assistance. LOL!

And Mila got to see her beau “My-tah” which always makes her day.

We partied ’til the cow went home.

(Why are toddler costumes with the big booties so stinkin’ funny? Seriously, we laughed at it all night.)





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