Monthly Archives: July 2011

Day One Down


First, I want to thank everyone because there must have been some pretty serious prayers over our flight here and regarding some much needed sleep last night. Flights were smooth and pretty restful, and Dylan and I slept through the night, first night!! That’s just not normal. I woke only once to our poor suitemates arriving at what I think was about 4 a.m Congo time. There flight was supposed to arrive at 9p.m. Haven’t gotten the scoop on that yet , but as Dylan explained earlier, the airport was definitely the most sketchy place ever, so there is no telling.

After we finally got into the cab at the Kinshasa airport, which took way, way, too long for my comfort level, we got our real first taste of life in Congo. Having been to Africa once before, I thought I could have imagined what DRC would be like. I was wrong, dead wrong. I have never seen so many people in my life walking the streets, trying to sell something, anything, even plastic bags of water, to put food on their tables. They just kept going, for miles and miles. Those who weren’t walking were packed in vans so tight that you literally could not see anything but people smashed in from front to back. Every car we saw was wrecked, aside from one spanking new Range Rover, RANDOM!!!. Overall, you just see a war-torn impoverished and very hardened people. I cannot imagine what day-to-day life must be like for them. Seriously, cannot imagine. As we made our way to MPH, my home for the next month or so, we drove and drove for what seemed like forever. Passing by these people in the streets silenced Dylan and I. I wanted to cry, rejoice, and praise, all at the same time. Cry for the people who must do without, who live daily in fear of starvation, their own safety and their lives. Rejoice in the Lord for the outpouring of blessings He has given to me and all those that are dear to me. And praiseGod for his sovereignty in all situations. What happened in and to Congo was no surprise to Him and He has reasons for every moment, every situation and every person He placed on this BIG diverse earth.  I will continue to rejoice in His eternal goodness, in the most joyous and in the most painful times ahead. I am so thankful for the gift of  perspective that He has given me,that I think we all need from time to time.

On a lighter and quite funny note, this is who greeted me in my room when I got out of the shower this morning. He was kinda cute, but I wasn’t really felling like hanging with him or having him surprise me in the sheets tonight. I never caught him, but I am thinking, maybe, just maybe “Lil’ Lizard” went out the window???  That’s what I am going with anyway.  I guess we’ll see.

Mila is coming today!! July 17th, 2011… Gotcha Day!!